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Margaret Braun, Author of Cakewalk (Rizzoli), is a pioneering cake designer  whose work epitomizes the evolution of a food-focused artist. Internationally renowned for her distinctive, boundary breaking style which fuses food and the fine arts, her work morphs into other disciplines such as, sculpture, painting, illustration, wallpaper, textiles, ceramics.

Based in New York City, Margaret's commissions range from creating 2,000 individual wedding cakes for a Royal Wedding in the Middle East, to creating Marilyn Manson's wedding cake in an Irish Castle, a Masquerade Ball at a Venetian Palazzo, a  dance company iced in Sugar for performances in Berlin, and a 30 foot tall, day-glo-firework-blasting Cake Sculpture in Brooklyn.

Margaret was Artist in Residence at The Museum of Arts & Design (MAD) in New York, for eight months during which time she completed an Installation of  "2,000 Sugar Cups" -  a reflection on production, assimilation, her work in the kitchen and on the ways in which individuality thrives when set against sameness.

Margaret also teaches in Europe and South America. Considered “A Sugar Artist Extraordinaire” (Food and Wine), “A True Visionary” (Mario Batali), "Cake Decorator Extraordiare" (New York Times,) “The Cake Master” (Daniel Boulud), “Magnificent .. Like Nothing I’ve Ever Seen” (Oprah Winfrey) and depicted as “A Foodie Icon” in Barney’s New York  legendary Holiday windows, Margaret and her work has been featured extensively in print, film, and on TV as a judge on The Food Network, Bravo’s Top Chef, and two seasons on Ultimate Cake-off (TLC)

Margaret loves challenging projects, traveling, and collaborating with smart, nice people. She continues to share her love for all things beautiful and delicious with dessert and design enthusiasts throughout the world.

For projects, press & other inquiries:
e.   info@margaretbraun.com
p.   917.669.4466

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