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*You can learn more about by Margaret by reading about her in EATER and in VOGUE

Margaret Braun (author of Cakewalk 2001, Rizzoli) is known as a pioneering cake designer who epitomizes the evolution of a food-focused artist. Her distinctive style which changed the course of cake decorating has taken her to the Middle East with 2,000 cakes for royal wedding, to a Venetian Palazzo with multi-tiered sugar mosaic, to a castle in Ireland for a rock star’s wedding,

After completing an installation of 2,000 hand-hewn sugar cups at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, she was ready to return to a full time practice in sculpture, ceramics, drawing and design. She will always be a known cake decorator, but is delighted to focus on more personal work.

Margaret who is always working, loves challenging, seemingly impossible projects and she enjoys working with smart, nice, people.

You can see her most recent work by visiting her storefront Studio 536 west 47th Street which is right across the street from *Sullivan Street Bakery. She teaches in Europe and South America and conducts a sugar sculpture workshop in a farmhouse in Italy. Braun and her work have been featured extensively in film and print.

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