all cakewalk photos: quentin bacon

extended reviews

"margaret braun is the cake master, a fact which would be impossible not to acknowledge after seeing the works featured in cakewalk. by showing us photographs of her creations, paired with explanations of the intellectual process that fuels her inspiration, margaret has managed to create an absolutely fascinating book."- daniel boulud

"in cakewalk, margaret braun presents a breathtaking collection of tiered celebration cakes unlike any i have ever seen. they are such exquisite works of art that...just looking at them in print makes me want to sob with delight. braun's designs are utterly original....these cakes are labors of love that require the skill of a devoted and meticulous craftsperson. i suspect that she richly deserves to be published in such a regal manner."

rose levy berenbaum - author of the cake bible

"margaret braun takes the cake! and cakewalk is inspirational. her writing is poetic, instructive, and certain to influence present and future generations of chefs, food artists, and scientists. the photography takes food presentation to new frontiers, while her wonderful cakes combine design, literature, and architecture in a way that makes baking and design flow together in a mellifluous and delicious continuum of art, energy, and passion. margaret is true visionary."

- mario batali

"until you run your eyes over cakewalk, you won't understand just how provocative baked goods can be."- the village voice

"cakewalk radiates its own imaginative splendor. it's an exhilarating and personal survey of the art of cake decorating...just sit back and enjoy this sumptuous book." -associated press

"margaret braun's fantastic confections are intricately and beautifully constructed. she creates edible edifices that delight the eye and please the palate. and cakewalk, beautifully illustrated, lets us in on the creative and culinary process of making these delicious and gorgeous cakes."- maya lin

"margaret braun is a sugar craft master, for whom a cake is a work of fine art. in this exquisitely photographed and beautifully presented book, she explains how to re-create 15 of her amazing, labor-intensive signature designs. braun is charming, conveying her love for her work in an introduction in which she compares a finished cake to a musical score." - publishers weekly

"this book is an insight into margaret's creative mind through her stories, drawings, and techniques. quentin's photography is stunning as usual." - jean-georges vongerichten 

"the gianni versace of the baking world, margaret braun is the creator of some of the most gloriously over the top cakes you can imagine. a margaret braun cake is not so much something to eat as an art object. it resembles its more earthbound cousins in the same way that a louis xiv escritiore resembles a desk from sears. belittling this as the least cook-able cookbook of the year would be like criticizing haute couture fashion for not keeping you sufficiently warm. cakewalk is one of those special books that exists outside the parameters of normal cookbookery. it pays barely a nod to the mainstream. braun's cakes photographed by quentin bacon as if they were modern sculptures are astonishing to behold. this kind of artistry exists on a separate plane from everyday reality. these are fever dreams of cakes, fits of inspiration." - los angeles times

"cakewalk is simultaneously one of the most exciting food books to be released in years and a tome unfit for mortals in the kitchen." - the national post (canada)

"margaret braun does things you've never seen with sugar and pastry, so it's fitting that this, her first book, should also break the mold. in explaining her motivations, she gives us an intensely personal, often-humorous look into the life of a working artist whose medium happens to be sugar. braun's drawings and selected images from the art that has inspired her, give cakewalk legitimacy as both a practical book about cakes and a beautiful book about art." – booksense

"if mad king ludwig of bavaria had been a sugar artist, he would no doubt have apprenticed margaret braun… braun is an artist whose media happens to be sugar paste, marzipan and royal icing…cakewalk is more like david hockey’s notebooks than a cookbook." –