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The Sweet Life: Cake Star Margaret Braun has found a second love: porcelain.





"For Margaret Braun, brilliant artistry is the icing on the cake" - O Magazine

"The Ultimate in Edible Luxury" - New York Times

"For Michelangelo it was marble, for Giacometti it was bronze. But the medium that elicits Margaret Braun's particular genius is sugar. Braun designs cake - cakes that are works of art. Margaret Braun is a Sugar Artist Extraordinaire" - Food & Wine "

The Picasso of Cake Decorating" - Bloomberg Radio

"The Guru of Wedding Cakes" - New York Magazine

"Braun... is a sensualist and amateur historian, influenced as much by Flemish painters and medieval architects as by Betty Crocker" - The Village Voice

"The Gianni Versace of the Baking World. Margaret Braun is the creator of some of the most gloriously over the top cakes you can imagine. A Margaret Braun cake is not so much something to eat as an art object" - Los Angeles Times

"Margaret Braun comes across as a person well beyond the realm of her cakes, whom one would love to know better. (Her cakes) are such exquisite works of art that I'm sure people will wince in pain to see one cut " - Rose Levy Berenbaum - Author of "The Cake Bible"

"A visionary artist du sucre Margaret Braun is the cake maker to know" - Elle Magazine

"Magnificent - Art/cake - cake/art - like nothing I have ever seen" - Oprah Winfrey Show

"The Icing Queen" - Daily News

"I was intrigued that the food industry icons have become deities..." - Simon Doonan

"Margaret Braun is the Cake Master" - Daniel Boulud

"Margaret Braun takes the cake!" Mario Batali

"New York City's Decorative Diva of High Pastry Art", "A Sugar Work Vituoso", "New York's Avant Garde Cake Impresario", "In the exalted tradition of chef-to-Emperors Antonin Careme at royal court, would have thrilled any Louis you'd care to enumerate"- Food Arts

"Although countless chefs call themselves artists, few can lay claim to the title like Manhattan based pastry wizard Margaret Braun. ..Braun has risen to fame using her cakes as canvas, constructing one of a kind, rococo styled multi layered confections as brilliantly colored and crafted as Fragonard's finest masterpieces. She Takes the Cake" - The National Post, Canada

"If Alice in Wonderland were to marry Gustav Klimt at The Pierre Hotel in New York, they might offer to feed one another a Margaret Braun cake. Margaret Braun….crafts what may be the most fanciful one-of-kind cakes in the world" - Centurion

"Margaret Braun is a sugar craft master, for whom a cake is a work of fine art" - Publisher's Weekly

"The American Wedding Cake Genius" - Conde Nast Bride's  (UK)

"Margaret Braun creates fantastical Gaudiesque Structures" - The New York Times - Style and Entertaining

"When it comes to artful bows and tassels, Margaret Braun takes the cake" - House Beautiful

"Takes the Cake..(almost) too good to eat" - InStyle

"Margaret Braun - New York City cake designer travels the world to find inspiration for her creations" - InStyle Weddings

"The Svengali of Sugar" - Eyewitness News

"The Sugar Diva" - ABC Morning News

"New York Cities foremost cake decorator and sole sugar sculptress" - The New York Observer

"Margaret Braun's fantastic confections are intricately and beautifully constructed. She creates edible edifices that delight the eye and please the palate" - Maya Lin "Margaret Braun puts the finishing touches to a dream" - Cartier Art (USA, France, Italy)

"Margaret Braun is renowned for her high-end, fanciful, over the top works of art in icing... "Excellent" - Zagat's

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