"It started with sugar. Then I got my hands on porcelain.  I love repeating the patterns & motifs that are dear to me and then seeing how they change from one to the next. I use my cake decorating tools and techniques . I like to think that each one has it's own story. Making things that you can eat on - and that don't get eaten is strange and wonderful. But I'll always work with sugar."

 Collection available exclusively at this time at DEAR RIVINGTON 34 Great Jones St. NYC or Contact Margaret's studio directly: info@margaretbraun.com

  • Margaret Braun is a pioneering cake designer and author of Cakewalk (Rizzoli) whose work epitomizes the evolution of a food-focused artist. Braun applies her confectionary expertise to create animated, wafer-thin, hand-built porcelain pieces. This collection reflects her love for repetition and the eccentricities that subtle changes in line and silhouette can create.  www.margaretbraun.com   instagram @sugarbraun