with Margaret Braun

November 4-11th 2017, Le Marche, Italy  


Your home base will be in the pre-Roman, medieval  village of SANT' ANGELO IN VADO -home of The National Truffle White Truffle Festival, MOSTRA DEL TARTUFO Your classes will be held in an historic studio in the neighboring town of URBANIA. You will take daily trips throughout the Metauro River Valley and up into the surrounding hill towns of URBINO, CARTOCETO, BORGO PACE, MERCATELLO and LAMOLI.

In a structured yet super easy going way, you'll partake in this rare and intimate immersion into village life. Enjoy the local food, wine, agriculture, design, & art of the largely undiscovered, culturally rich region of LE MARCHE Italy. White truffle season will be in full swing, so there will be numerous tastings, abundant feasts, delicious sweets and regional wines. 

Wander medieval pathways that spill into the main squares. Absorb the colors, flavors, shapes, and aromas of this beautiful region in full harvest. Harness your inspiration and let your experience inform your creations for this unique hands-on ceramic making and sugar sculpture workshop.

This is an intensive, integrated hands-on studio workshop experience that is open to ALL skill levels - from novices curious to try their hand in the ceramic and/or sugar arts, to seasoned professionals, and artists hoping to fortify their practice with time honored techniques. You can work on your own, or one on one with your ceramic instructor, or with Margaret.  We will be a small group so you are sure to have an unsurpassed ceramic making and/or confectionary experience... 

Experience this unique fusion between the food arts and the fine arts during truffle season in Le Marche. Work, play, learn, relax, create, eat and drink and explore with new friends during a very special time in a very special place. Lots of fun and surprises.. 

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$3,950 Deposit $500

Airfare not included


DAY 1: 

-ARRIVAL (*Bologna BLQ is the recommended airport)

-Your host - Piero Pagliardini will meet you at the airport and escort you to your hotel in his home village of SANT' ANGELO IN VADO. This pre- Roman, medieval village set along the banks of the Metauro River is home to the annual MOSTRA TARUFO SANT' ANGELO - (The White Truffle Festival) and will be your home base for the coming days. Settle in, relax and explore a bit before we all meet up. 

-A welcome toast with Piero and Margaret. Dinner at a local Osteria. Lots of info about the days to come.

-Gelato, a night-cap, and a good nights sleep.



-Piero picks you up at your hotel and takes you to URBINO- the crown jewel of Le Marche. Urbino is the palace home of DUKE FEDERICO DE MONTEFELTRO. It's also the birthplace of RAFAELLO.  At the palace entrance meet Paolo-  an art historian with a deep and passionate knowledge of all things Ducale. Paolo will walk us beneath vaulted arches, down gilded stairways and hallways into galleries filled with paintings, frescos, ceramics, frieze works and sculptures - explaining origin, process and stories about the important works of the high Rennaisance commissioned by The Duke of Urbino. Take notes, draft arabesques, and curlicues and get inspired to work your ideas into ceramic and sugar creations. Sketchbooks included.

-A walk across Piazza Ducale and down small stone street takes us to RAFAELLO 's childhood home. Beautiful.

-Lunch at our favorite Osteria in Urbino -  on the patio overlooking the fertile Montefeltro valley. 

-Down the mountain to URBANIA - or CASTEL DURANTE. This town was Duke Federico's 16th century summer retreat, and till this day remains the creative center for Majolica production in the Montefeltro region. 

-COOKING CLASS -  at Il Mattarello. Our favorite food shop in Urbania.  Francesca Guerra is a culinary historian, teacher and above all - incredible cook. We'll prepare a Marcheggianno feast together- and eat it in Francesca's kitchen.

DAY 3: -Breakfast at your HOTEL

-Morning walk through Urbania's OPEN AIR MARKET (seasonal  foods, local artists, everyday items)

-URBANIA -  Our first Studio day at L' ASSOCIATION DE L'AMICI DE CERAMICA.  starts with a hands-on tutorial with talented ceramicist/teacher ORAZIO BINDELLI.  *You will make a ceramic cake plate in the Castel Durante style (to be fired and then painted). 

Then, a hands on tutorial with MARGARET. You will make another cake plate, this one - made from sugar. Experience the tactical similarities and differences between working with clay and working with sugar. Then back to clay. Open studio time. Either work on your own project, or with individual instruction with Bindelli. All tools and supplies provided. This includes your SUPER special Cakewalk 2016 apron hand- sewn and painted by gifted garderner, cook, artist & most important - Piero's mom... Dea Dini..

- STUDIO LUNCH - Selection of local specialties & wine.

- GASTRONOMIA BELTRAMI.  A late afternoon drive through the countryside this tiny yet productive village in full harvest. CARTOCETO is best known for the only DOP olive oil imported from Le Marche and is the home of the inimitable VITTORIO BELTRAMI "The Einstein of Cheese" says LYDIA BASTIANCH - and not just because he looks like Albert Einstein, but because Beltrami is a genius cheese maker. His Pecorino di Fossa- made from sheep milk is wrapped in grape leaves and buried in his stone cellar for 90 days. This cheese is intense and earthy and like nothing you have ever tasted.  

-LUNCH  prepared by Signora Beltrami. Cheese, cheese, and then ..cheese, house cured meats, fresh pasta, green first press olive oil, condiments, sweets with fantastic local wine parings throughout. 

-Free late evening in Sant 'Angelo. Relax, in the piazza,  walk the banks of the Metauro and contemplate your productive day.

DAY 4:-BREAKFAST at your hotel.

-URBANIA- Ceramic Studio -Class begins with a hands-on MAJOLICA painting tutorial with a Castel Durante master. Try your hand painting on ceramic tile, using local pigments, tools and techniques of Majolica tradition . 

-STUDIO LUNCH - Selection of local specialties & local wine.

-BORGO PACE - LAMOLI. MUSEO DI COLORI set in the hill top cloister of a 5th Century Benedictine Monestary - Oasi San Benedetto. Learn the history and recipes of the ancient dyes and pigments created with the plants and minerals of the surrounding Alpiennes forests. Re-create them in food coloring and paint your sugar-sculptured Majolica cake plate.  Experience the similarities and differences between painting in traditional pigments, and edible food coloring. 

-Seasonal dinner at an Osteria in LAMOLI

DAY 5: -Breakfast Hotel

-Early morning TRUFFLE HUNT!  with Uncle Gigi.  Gigi Dini,  Piero's uncle, is a truffle hunter. Gigi and Sylvia (his canine companion)  will walk you into the forrest in search of truffles. Gigi also hunts rabbit and wild boar and knows every plant and paw print in these woods. Mud Boots provided!

-URBANIA Studio time -Choice: Work on your own project or with instruction. 

-STUDIO LUNCH - Selection of seasonal specialties & local wine.

- VILLA LA MONTANA. Visit a family vineyard and producer of distinctly Marcheggiano dessert wines. Vino Visciole - is a dessert wine made from local sour cherries. Passito Affumicato, is Sant' Angelo's very own sweet and smokey version on Vin Santo (Holy wine) Each autumn at the end of Holy week this winemaker lights a fire and literally smokes the moisture from the grapes. This ancient tradition is still practiced by the people in Sant' Angelo. They harvest the fruit of their home vines, string them from kitchen ceiling over the fireplace through winter to keep the house warm. 

Come along -  but if like, you can continue working at the ceramic studio. Your Choice. 

-DOMUS DEL MITO. Behind Sant Angelo, buried beneath a former Futbol field lies a recently excavated Ancient Roman: Villa DOMUS DEL MITO. "House of Myth"  An archeologist will walk us through this remarkably preserved mosaics tiled rooms of this Ancient Ruin. Amazing. 




-URBANIA- Last day of class. Your ceramic cake plate has been fired and is ready to be painted! You will paint your plate. It will be fired and shipped home to you..

-STUDIO LUNCH - Local dishes & wine.

-FAREWELL DINNER at SANT ANGELO TRUFFLE FESTIVAL- Every Autumn in Sant' Angelo the local cantinas,shopkeepers, trattorias, and osterias, open their doors to villagers and visitors for a taste their truffle infused specialties. Your sleepy village comes to life with musicians, performances, wine, cooking demos, truffle tastings.  It's a party! Dinner, dessert, drinks under the stars. This will be a late night..

DAY 7: Monday 24th







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